Eventide Cove is an important trading port for the Territories Humaine. It is the port nearest the Capital, and provides most of the Capital's supplies and supports almost all of its industries. Because of this, the port is closely guarded by an Order installation: Eventide Fortress. Eventide Fortress is one of the oldest Order fortifications, second only to the Order Academy at the center of the Capital. Being stationed at Eventide Fortress is considered an honor; the port's defense can only be trusted to the best of the Order's recruits. The position is also prized because of the fortress's picturesque setting and proximity to the Capital and all its festivals and activities.


Eventide Cove and Eventide Fortress can be found in their original, sub-tropical state in the Surrounded battleground. This battleground is available in survival mode and is recommended for players level 12 and above.